Joshua (Josh) Pratchard

Joshua Pratchard - Guiding Diverse Construction Projects

While serving as programs director with Second Chance Fields in San Diego, Josh Pratchard identified public high school athletic fields that had major issues, then delivered new fields where necessary. In many cases, Joshua Pratchard and his team sought out ways to build community engagement and coordinated with local businesses to create partnerships.

Mr. Pratchard’s responsibilities spanned diverse phases of projects, including the estimation of project costs and donor engagement. He also coordinated marketing efforts and arranged volunteer efforts toward the completion of civic projects. He earned recognition for outstanding service in the community from a San Diego City Council member.

Mr. Pratchard also served as project manager and estimator with Drill Tech Drilling and Shoring in Antioch, where he oversaw various engineering efforts, including the design of shoring systems and the construction of foundational piles. He led a variety of public work projects related to BART and Caltrans, as well as the building of refineries. The large-scale programs he managed had budgets ranging from $2 to $30 million.

Josh Pratchard

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Josh Pratchard
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